Multi-axis Solutions by H2W Technologies

H2W Technologies offers multi-axis solutions that are reliable, versatile and provide problem-solving approaches to designers’ applications. These unique and innovative solutions use direct drive linear motor technology as well as rotary-to-linear technology.

H2W Technologies provides turnkey solutions that enable customers to focus on their application without the complexities of integrating controls and motors.

H2W Technologies offers a range of multi-axis solutions. They include XY voice coil positioning stage, XYZ closed loop linear stepper/voice coil positioning-force control stage, XY extrusion open frame belt stage gantry, two axis belt drive vertical gantry, two axis linear stepper motor gantry stage, five axis linear motor powered positioning stage, and eight axis vertical gantry.

Key Features

The main features of the multi-axis solutions are:

  • Versatile and reliable
  • Use both direct drive linear motor technology and rotary-to-linear technology
  • Suitable for high-cycle pick and place applications
  • Wide range of systems available.

Other Equipment by this Supplier