Three-phase Linear Motor for Long Stroke, Linear Motion Applications by H2W Technologies

H2W Technologies has designed a 3 phase brushless linear motor that can be utilized at speeds up to 240 in/sec (6 m/sec).

The motor is suitable for long stroke, closed loop servo, linear motion applications. When coupled with a linear encoder, the brushless linear motor can control velocity, acceleration and precise position.

Using integral Hall Effects, the 3-phase coil assembly can be commutated trapezoidally. The assembly can also be commutated sinusoidally using software commutation along with suitable sinusoidal amplifier and motion controller.

The motors are available in five different coil assembly lengths and three different cross sections. H2W Technologies also offers larger motors with higher forces.

Key Features

The main features of the 3 phase brushless linear motor are:

  • High speed and accelerations of light loads
  • Low moving mass
  • Zero cogging
  • Utilizes standard 3 phase brushless amplifier.


The applications of the 3 phase brushless linear motor are:

  • Vision inspection equipment
  • Pick and place machines
  • Laser and water jet cutters
  • Coordinate measuring machines.

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