Load Locked or Cassette Deep Silicon Etch System: PlasmaPro 100 Estrelas

Oxford Instruments’ PlasmaPro Estrelas100 deep silicon etch technology has been specifically developed for the R&D market and delivers excellent process performance and flexibility. Nano and micro structures can be obtained easily as the system has been developed to operate Bosch as well as Cryo etch technologies in the same chamber.

The PlasmaPro Estrelas100 can be used for a number of applications, from sidewall processes to high-rate cavity etches. It ensures that the wide range of MEMS applications is achieved without changing the chamber hardware.

Key Features

The main features of the PlasmaPro Estrelas100 deep silicon etch technology are:

  • Compatible with wafer sizes from 50 to 200 mm
  • Fast acting closed-coupled MFCs use software originally designed for atomic layer deposition
  • Flexible configuration provides the capability to develop devices that can be taken to production utilising the same chamber hardware
  • Heated liners up to 150°C
  • Increased plasma stability reduces ‘first wafer effect’
  • Low cost of ownership through enhanced hardware and process control
  • Mechanical cryo and electrostatic clamp options
  • Reduced chamber volume confirms high gas conductance and short step times
  • Reduced polymer build up maximises the mean wafers between mechanical cleans

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