Magnetron Sputtering Process Tool for Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) - PlasmaPro System400 from Oxford Instruments

The PlasmaPro System400, from Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, is a magnetron sputtering process tool for Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). It is used for single-wafer or batch PVD processing and offers the flexibility of DC, Pulsed DC, RF and reactive magnetron sputtering in production or research & development.

The PlasmaPro System400 system may be configured either with 4 x 200 mm DC, Pulsed DC or RF magnetrons. The single process chamber is divided into 4 sub-chambers, detaching the sources from each other and minimising the high cost of clustering numerous single process chambers. Process recipes in the PC2000 process tool software automate multi-layer processes, with intuitive graphical interface and flexible user-friendly options.

Key Features

The main features of the PlasmaPro System400 PVD system are:

  • Clustering tools prevent oxidation and particle contamination and improve yield and throughput
  • Operation of wafer table may be carried out in either static or rotating mode
  • Loadlocked wafer entry reduces particle contamination
  • RF bias allows plasma pre-cleaning, plasma-assisted deposition for lower temperatures, greater adhesion and flexibility in substrate material
  • Uniformity masks can be attached to enhance uniformity or detached for high-rate processes
  • Flexibility in processes and materials can be possible by the wide temperature range of the wafer table, with water-cooling as well as heating up to 300°C
  • Capability to sputter metals and oxides having film thicknesses from 5 nm up to several µm
  • Suitable for complete range of sputtered metals – from Al to Zr
  • Multiple materials can be deposited in single chamber in a single process
  • Optional cryo pump for superior base pressure or moisture-sensitive applications

The wafer handling options of the PlasmaPro System400 system are:

  • Single-wafer loadlock
  • Clustered cassette-to-cassette via robotic wafer transfer
  • Cassette loading
  • Flexible volume throughput

Loading Capacity

Wafer size Capacity
50mm 8
75mm 8
100mm 8
150mm 4
200mm 4


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