Ion Beam Deposition System: IonFab IBD

Oxford Instruments’ Ionfab 300Plus ion beam etch and deposition system provides the flexibility to operate etch and/or deposition and increases system utilisation. The specifications of the Ionfab 300Plus can be fine-tuned for specific applications, enabling quick and regular process results. The systems can be scaled for utilisation in R&D and batch production in a single tool.

The ion beam range allows functionality in different modes, including Ion Beam Etching (IBE), Reactive Ion Beam Etching (RIBE), Reactive Ion Beam Deposition (RIBD), Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching (CAIBE), Ion Beam Sputter Deposition (IBSD) and Ion Assisted Sputter Deposition (IASD).

Key Features

The main features of the Ionfab 300Plus ion beam etch and deposition system are:

  • Capability to clamp different shape, and design unique carrier plates
  • Ability to handle wafers from 100 mm (4 inch) up to 200 mm (8 inch)
  • Cassette-to-cassette loading/unloading for batch production
  • Load-lock
  • Wafer handling options
  • Clusterable with other process tools such as PlasmaPro plasma etch, deposition and sputtering tools and FlexAL atomic layer deposition (ALD) tool
  • Easy upgrade options to add deposition and etch sources
  • Incorporates ion source and grid set technology
  • Specific deposition grid sets designed to suit multiple targets, offer excellent utilisation of target material
  • Grids suit high uniformity, high rate and low energy applications
  • Increase deposition rates by using etch source as a plasma radical source (IASD)
  • Have etch source options up to 35cm
  • Dual beam configurations (etch plus deposition source) provide the possibility to add capping layer directly after etch, without exposing the wafer or process chamber to atmosphere
  • Tiltable substrate holder can be set at an angle from -90 to +65°
  • Enables sidewalls to be etched or cleaned off
  • Allows ‘blazed’ gratings
  • Variable platen rotation speed allows deposition rate to be restricted particularly for the application
  • Provides etch endpoint monitoring through SIMS for multi-material applications, crystal monitor (single or dual head), deposition process monitoring and partial pressure control, chamber gas identification and leak checking via RGA
  • Substrate cooling eliminates degradation of substrate and devices structures/other materials existing in place


The applications of the Ionfab 300Plus ion beam etch and deposition system are:

  • CdHgTe (CMT) etch
  • Diffraction gratings
  • AR and HR coatings for laser bars
  • III-V photonics etching
  • SiO2 ‘blazed’ etch
  • IR detectors
  • Metal contact and track etch
  • VOx deposition and etch
  • Telecom filters
  • Spintronics and MRAM
  • Thin film magnetic hard disk heads (TFMH)

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