Open Load ALD System: OpAL

The Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology OpAL system is a compact open-load system designed for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). It is equipped with a special thermal ALD tool that offers a clear and simple option to upgrade to plasma, providing plasma as well as thermal ALD in a single compact instrument.

Key Features

The main features of the OpAL Atomic Layer Deposition system are:

  • Field upgrade obtainable for plasma option
  • Open loaded thermal ALD instrument with plasma option
  • Can be attached with a nitrogen purged glove box featuring a sample entry load lock for dry places
  • Compact wafer pieces up to full 200 mm wafers, suitable for industry and academic R&D
  • In-situ analytical choices including spectroscopic ellipsometry connected to ALD control software
  • Removable inner chamber helps reduce chamber cleaning times
  • Vapour draw or bubbling of up to four solid or liquid precursors
  • Pneumatic hoist for opening chamber safely
  • Cabinet can be attached to extraction lines and includes nitrogen purge for health and safety compliance
  • Can be fixed with nitrogen purged glove box or extraction hood to comply with health and safety regulations
  • User-friendly, OpAL recipe-driven PC2000 control software can be tailored for fast cycle ALD
  • Delivers outstanding step coverage even within high aspect ratio structures
  • Up to 200 mm wafer with typical uniformity <±2%

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