Low Cost Voice Coil Linear Positioning Stage from H2W

Voice Coil Linear Positioning Stages are developed for a range of high velocity and short stroke applications. They have stroke lengths of up to 2.0 in. (50 mm), a continuous forces as high as 100 lbs (445 N) and a peak forces of up to 300 lbs (1335 N). They are suitable for short stroke closed loop positioning applications intricate velocity, position and acceleration control is essential. They have a compact size that helps to fit into small spaces.

The stages have minimal mechanical and electrical constraints. The low moving masses enable high accelerations of light payloads. The iron-less core coil assembly has no magnetic attractive force to the stationary magnet assembly, which reduces the load on the bearing system increasing the life of the bearing. There are no magnetic drag forces (hysteresis), allowing for higher accelerations. These actuators are wound such that no commutation is required for motion to occur. Electrical devices such as Hall Effects are not necessary. The result is a much simpler and more reliable system.

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