Flexible Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging System - OpenPlex

The OpenPlex is a flexible surface Plasmon resonance imaging system developed to meet the demands of biophysicists, biochemists and biologists. OpenPlex is useful for developing label-free and multiplexed bio-assays and molecule detection. It is a compact and robust system for simple use and high versatility. Its dedicated sensor chips, open format and manual operation enable several experiments to be explored without compromise, encompassing chemistry, biochemistry, physico-chemistry and biomolecular interactions.

Key Features

It is a flexible and manual surface plasmon resonance imaging system for

  • Label-free interaction analysis
  • Real-time monitoring of kinetic curves
  • Determination of affinity/kinetic parameters
  • Multiplexed imaging (up to 400 spots)
  • Sample volume: typically 200µL
  • Sample concentration: 300ng/mL (100-1000kDa) to 10µg/mL (4-20kDa)
  • Sample molecular weight: >240Da
  • Limit of detection: 10pg/mm2

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