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Raman Microscope for Analytical Labs – The XploRA-One

The XploRA ONE offers a simple design and operation so that the analyst can focus on the sample measurements and routine analysis that is important, obtaining results not just spectra. It offers excellent sensitivity and confocal detail, complete optical microscopy and also has options for HORIBA’s innovative SWIFT™ Raman chemical imaging, yet requires minimal operator training and maintenance. The XploRA ONE™ philosophy makes sure that Raman has become an even more accessible analytical technique.

Key Features

The key features of the XploRA ONE are:

  • Non-destructive testing and analysis
  • No sample preparation
  • Ideal for chemical analysis and identification
  • Spectral databases for simple interpretation of results
  • Automate Raman analysis with user defined measurement methods
  • Auto-calibration and validation software ensures that data is always accurate
  • Affordable entry into full confocal performance– up to 1µm XY resolution
  • Upgradeable to SWIFT fast confocal Raman imaging
  • 532nm or 785nm high brightness CLS lasers for optimal results
  • Higher sensitivity for speed and improved limits of detection
  • Single “one-shot” data acquisition for the full Raman range

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