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The Phenom ProX desktop SEM is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system. With the ProX, sample structures can be physically examined and their elemental composition determined.

The optional Elemental Mapping and Line Scan software allow further analysis of the distribution of elements. A dedicated software package is included and installed on the Pro Suite PC to control the fully integrated EDS detector.

Analysis has become as easy as imaging, since there is no need to switch between external software packages or computers. The EDS-technique analyzes X-rays generated by the electrons from the electron beam interacting with the sample. The Phenom CeB6 electron source generates the highest number of X-rays in its market segment. The element identification software package allows the user to identify any hidden elements within the sample via the spotmode analysis.

All results are verified using iterative peak stripping deconvolution. The step-by-step guided process within the software helps the user to collect all X-ray results in an organized and structured way. Optionally, this software can be expanded with the Elemental Mapping and Line Scan option.

Key Specifications

  • One system, all answers
  • Magnification range 20 – 100,000x
  • Element detection range: C – Am
  • Long-life high-brightness source (CeB6)
  • Multiple acceleration voltages: 5 kV and 10 kV for high-resolution images, and 15 kV for great analysis results
  • Electron beam current selection for tuning imaging settings or high throughput analysis
  • Never lost navigation: swift navigation to any region of interest
  • Optional software available: Elemental Mapping and Line Scan

Case Study

Until recently the researchers at the Department of Medical Microbiology had no direct access to their own electron microscope, all samples were handled at the Utrecht University.

When the possibility to obtain a desktop SEM arose, the Phenom Pro has been chosen as it is ready and easy to use for all people in the department: from bachelor and master students to technicians, PhD’s, post doctorates and staff scientists.

The Phenom has also attracted people from other departments within the University Medical Center Utrecht. Nowadays, the Phenom Pro is being used full-time. People are routinely trained and within 30 minutes they are able to operate the Phenom Pro.

Dr. ing. Antoni P.A. Hendrickx
University Medical Center Utrecht

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