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FluoroMax®-4 Spectrofluorometer - HORIBA Scientific

The new FluoroMax®-4 is a compact spectrofluorometer from SPEX®, yet it offers the ultimate sensitivity in fluorescence investigations as well as features not found in most table-top fluorescence detection systems. The FluoroMax®-4 now has 33% higher sensitivity and 20% better signal-to-noise ratio than the FluoroMax®-3! Also available are the new FluoroMax-4P® for phosphorescence measurements and TCSPC upgrades for fluorescence lifetimes.


  • Water Raman signal-to-noise ratio: 3000:1
  • Photon Counting for Ultimate Sensitivity
  • Fast Scanning capability - up to 80 nm/second
  • Powerful new FluorEssence™ software for Windows®
  • Method Files to recall complete experiment parameters
  • Front Surface Detection Accessory
  • Fluorescence Microscope Accessory
  • Polarization and Anisotropy Accessory
  • Remote Measurement Capability using optical fibers
  • Time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) accessory for lifetime determinations
  • Phosphorimeter accessory for long-lived luminescence determinations

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