Talyrond 585 - Fully Automated Roundness/Cylindricity Instrument from Taylor Hobson

The Talyrond 585 from Taylor Hobson is a completely automated cylindricity / roundness instrument with excellent reliability and accuracy with six versions to choose from offering the right balance of automation and capacity for almost every application.

Advanced electronics has enabled complete control of all axes with quick and precise modes permitting the accurate combination of movement and measurement speed for the most challenging components.

The patented arm orientation from Taylor Hobson offers complete automation in almost any attitude making it a highly versatile instrument and an industry benchmark in roundness instrumentation.

Key Features

The key features of the Talyrond 585 fully automated roundness/cylindricity instrument features:

  • Fully automated arm attitude/orientation mechanism
  • Automated gauge calibration
  • Automatic centre and level with arm follow mode
  • High precision air bearing spindle +/- 0.015 um
  • Gauge resolution 0.3 nm
  • 300mm, 500mm or 900mm vertical straightness unit

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