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Custom, CMOS Digital Camera - INFINITY1-2

Lumenera’s INFINITY1-2 2.0 megapixel CMOS digital camera has been designed to be a versatile, economic solution for documentation in life science, clinical, material science and educational professionals.

The INFINITY1-2 is an excellent entry level multi-megapixel CMOS microscopy camera, offering excellent image quality for a wide range of scientific applications. It is ideally suited for applications with bright, consistent lighting and tight budget constraints. The INFINITY1-2 is available in color, as well as OEM form factors including board-level and custom enclosures.

Key Features

  • The CMOS camera features excellent color reproduction. Lumenera has developed specialized color algorithms ensuring excellent color reproduction in samples ranging from stained cells to wafer inspection.
  • Every INFINITY camera includes INFINITY ANALYZE software for advanced camera control, image processing, measuring and annotation, as well as INFINITY CAPTURE, an intuitive user interface which includes all of the basic features needed to control your INFINITY camera and capture images.
  • INFINITY cameras are integrated into a variety of third-party software packages through direct drivers or with TWAIN/DirectX support.
  • A Mac camera driver, capture application and Image plug-in are available for the INFINITY1-2. Please refer to the Microscopy Drivers/Software Downloads page under Support for up-to-date details.
  • Progressive scan 1/2" SOI268 2.0 megapixel CMOS color sensor
  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface for ease of installation on any computer
  • Full color sub-windowing and sub-sampling for rapid focus and scanning of samples
  • Crisp color quality for the most demanding brightfield and darkfield microscopy applications including clinical pathology and cytology, life science and geology
  • 15fps at full 1600x1200 resolution, higher at reduced resolutions

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Two Megapixel CMOS Digital Camera - INFINITY1-2 2.0 Series by Lumenera

Arteries and Vein
Stained Tissue
Columnar Epithelium
Corn Grain
Mammal Bone Marrow
Mammal Fundic Stomach
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