Microscopy Camera for Quantitative and Low-Light Applications – INFINITY2-1R

The newly designed INFINITY2-1R scientific camera offers a significant performance increase for quantitative and low-light applications over its predecessor.

Enhanced thermal management techniques along with a much higher dynamic range and 14-bit output have resulted in a versatile entry-level research camera for documentation and image analysis in Life Science, Clinical and Material Science applications. The INFINITY2-1R easily manages seconds of exposure time with a dark current rating of less than 1e-/s.

Key Features

  • The INFINITY2-1R has a dynamic range of 64dB to enable users to unevenly image lit samples. The resulting images show bright and dark areas not seen normally in lower dynamic range cameras.
  • Advanced thermal management permits long exposure time of several minutes with the need for a higher priced cooled camera.
  • INFINITY CAPTURE, an intuitive image capture program, and INFINITY ANALYZE, a full image analysis package offering; camera control, measurement, annotation, tiling and post capture enhancement, are included.
  • Sharing and installation of one or more cameras on a single computer is quick and simple through a high-speed USB 2.0 interface.
  • The INFINITY2-1R is available in color or monochrome, as well as OEM form factors including board-level and custom enclosures.
  • Improved noise performance over first generation camera
  • Incredibly low dark current noise in an uncooled camera
  • High dynamic range of 64dB
  • Low noise progressive scan 1/2" 1.4 megapixel Sony ICX205 CCD sensor
  • Selectable 8 or 14-bit pixel data modes

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INFINITY Microscopy CCD CMOS HD Cameras by Lumenera

High-Performance Microscopy Camera – INFINITY2-1R Series for Quantitative and Low-Light Applications

Circuit Board
Rock Sample
Colimnar Epithelium
Persimmon Endosperm
Platinum nanoelectrode as it is being submerged into an aqueous solution

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