EVG®750 R2R Automated Hot Embossing System for Continuous Moulding

Built on EVG's extensive expertise in batch-type hot embossing, the EVG750® R2R hot embossing system allows continuous moulding with considerable benefits in terms of operational speed and device throughput. The system uses rolls instead of plates and is particularly suitable for structuring fine features in the micron-to-nanometer scale.

In addition, the EVG750R2R is superior to injection moulding technology when structured thin films are needed. It allows roll-to-roll patterning on unusual materials that are not available on large rolls. The system also features a novel design that offers exceptional pressure and temperature uniformity for micro- and nanoscale patterning on a variety of materials. It is designed to deliver the highest flexibility for automated and large-scale manufacturing of flexible devices.

Key Features

The main features of the EVG® 750R2R hot-embossing system are:

  • Optical sensor and rotary encoders guarantee accurate overlay or position matching between the substrate and stamp
  • Splicing table reduces consumption of costly thermoplastic materials
  • Special pressure supply offers excellent pressure uniformity
  • Electrostatic discharge reduces defect levels
  • Exclusive roller heating concept cuts down energy consumption and idleness.

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