Remanufactured Tecnai G2 F30 Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM)

TSS Microscopy offers the Tecnai G2 F30 S/TEM S-Twin, which is an advanced FEG scanning transmission electron microscope with 0.20nm point-to-point resolution.

The instrument is remanufactured and is in excellent condition. It is presently installed and ready for demonstrations or sample runs!

The Tecnai G2 F30 S/TEM S-Twin includes a camera, samples holder, and other accessories. It includes accessories as well and is fully loaded: STEM, HAADF, BF/DF, 2kx2k CCD imaging, EDS, EELS, GIF, and Holography.

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Key Features

  • Superior performance in 300KV FEG STEM imaging, nanoanalysis and TEM imaging
  • Simultaneous data recording by fully embedding STEM, CCD cameras, EDX detectors, EELS spectrometers and energy filters
  • Wide range of optional FEI application software solutions, e.g. S/TEM tomography package and TrueImage™ focal series reconstruction
  • Flexible high tension voltages
  • Robust routine analysis down to the sub-nanometer
  • Ultra-clean vacuum

Special Applications

  • Holography (Bi-Prism, and Gatan Holoworks)
  • Tecnai Free Lens Control
  • Lorentz
  • Tomography (FEI SW and Tomography Holder)

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