Remanufactured Zeiss EVO50 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The EVO 50 offers excellent results from a versatile analytical microscope with a very large specimen chamber. The large specimen chamber, SE and BSE imaging, and optimized x-ray geometry offers users with accurate analyses in high vacuum mode.

This refurbished SEM from TSS Microscopy can include EDS and EBSD for elemental and crystallographic examinations. With the addition of the LaB6 high brightness source included on this system from Technical Sales Solutions, the EVO50 achieves a superior status as one of the leading analytical SEM platforms available.

This EVO50 can handle 250mm diameter specimens and offers numerous detectors for imaging including SE and BSE.  This tool is refurbished and ready for demonstration at TSS Microscopy.

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Key Features

  • Large chamber and stage with 90 degree specimen tilt
  • Zeiss SmartSEM software
  • SE and BSE imaging
  • Top of Class leading x-ray and analytical geometry
  • Ease of use and flexibility
  • EDS and EBSD capable.  TSS can custom configure the SEM for you.

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