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Vacuum Sputter Coating Systems and Coating Materials for SEM and TEM

Agar Scientific offers a series of compact vacuum coating systems that provide a wide range of options to suit all sputter coating requirements needed in TEM and SEM applications. Built to high specification, these bench-top coating systems integrate microprocessor technology.

The range of systems includes the manual sputter coater AGB7340 for routine gold sputtering of SEM samples; the automatic coating system AGB7341 for high sample throughputs; and the carbon coater AGB7367A for microanalytical applications.

Additionally, the dual carbon rod source with special current feedback control delivers highly reproducible carbon coatings for SEM samples; the pumping system AGB7366 includes stainless steel bellows, anti-vibration platform, and vacuum fittings; the manual film thickness monitor AGB7348 can be used for precise determination of coating thickness.

Other products include high resolution coater AGB7234, turbomolecular drag pump, rotary planetary stage, film thickness monitor, filters, disc targets, etc.

Key Features

The main features of the vacuum sputter coating systems are:

  • Compact bench-top models
  • Built to high specification
  • Incorporate microprocessor technology
  • High resolution coating
  • Manual coating system for routine gold sputtering of SEM samples
  • Automatic coating system for high sample throughputs
  • Rotary planetary stage and film thickness monitor included as standard
  • Wide range of options available to suit all sputter coating requirements in TEM and SEM applications

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