Electron Microscopy Grids for TEM and SEM

Agar Scientific's standard grade grids are available in gold, nickel, copper, or in copper with one side coated with palladium for identification purposes.

Agar also supplies special metal grids in a range of other metals, including aluminium, molybdenum, titanium and stainless steel.

All grids are supplied in tubes of 100, unless otherwise specified. All grids are available in 3.05mm diameter - some grids are also available in 2.3mm diameter.

Available Grid Types

  • Square mesh grids
  • Rectangular mesh grids
  • Parallel bar grids
  • Folding grids
  • Hexagonal mesh grids
  • Thin bar grids
  • Very fine mesh grids
  • Slot grids
  • Triple slot grids
  • Hole grids
  • Tabbed grids

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