Filaments for Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

Agar Scientific offers filaments for transmission electron microscopes (TEM).

Made with specially designed jigs, which guarantee precision and reproducibility in production, all filaments are stress relieved by flashing in a vacuum at temperatures higher than the normal operating level and then examined for precision of centring.

High-ductility tungsten wire is employed to reduce strain. Then, filament assemblies with alignment screws are adjusted by means of a light microscope to make sure that they are ready for instant operation in the electron microscope.

Agar Scientific offers Tungsten/Rhenium filaments, refurbished Siemens filament in transit tube, and filaments for Cambridge/LEO/Zeiss & AEI, FEI, Camscan, JEOL, and ISI Bent Pin. Filaments for other makes of electron microscopes are also available.

Agar Scientific also accepts most types of filaments for repair, provided the bases are in good condition; the company gives the same exacting care to repaired filaments as the new filaments. All filaments are pre-flashed in a vacuum to ensure stability in operation.

In addition, Kimball Physics single crystal lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) cathodes are provided for most models of electron microscopes and other electron beam instruments where an appropriate gun vacuum in the region of 10-7 Torr can be achieved.

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