Photographic Materials and Accessories for Microscopy

Agar Scientific supplies a variety of photographic materials and accessories for microscopy applications. These include dry mounting tissue, replacement cutting wheel for rotatrim trimmers, Kodak electron microscope films, Ilford photographic papers, Ilford emulsions, Kodak NTB emulsion, and Kodak and Ilford Developers.

Kodak electron microscope electron microscope films are specifically designed to provide high image quality for electron diffraction studies and transmission electron micrography (TEM). Kodak EM film (Type 4489) offers unparalleled dimensional stability and exhibits a slow-medium very fine grain emulsion, which is suitable for routine applications. Kodak electron image film (Type SO-163) provides wide exposure and development ranges, encompassing a broad range of applications, from very short exposures to long exposures. The films are delivered in boxes of 100 sheets or multipacks of 250 sheets.

Ilford photographic papers are stocked in boxes of 100 sheets; other grades and sizes are provided on special request. Ilford emulsions include Nuclear Emulsion Type K5 (50ml), Type K5 (100ml), Type L4 (50ml), Type L4 (100ml), Type K2 (50ml), and Type K2 (100ml).

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