Precision Laboratory Tweezers for Electronics, Biology, or General Applications

Agar Scientific supplies a comprehensive range of high quality tweezers from Dumont, a well known manufacturer based in Switzerland. The various grades of tweezers are available in a wide range of materials with different magnetic, mechanical, and corrosion resistance properties.

Agar Scientific offers three grades of tweezers:

  • High precision grade for laboratory and fine engineering applications
  • Electronic grade for electronics and general purpose applications
  • Biology grade with thin tips for complex laboratory applications, including microscopic work

A coloured epoxy resin is coated on most of the electronic grade tweezers resin that is shock resistant and offers better grip. High precision grade tweezers are available with a variety of tip types, including:

  • strong, fine, flat tips
  • flat, rounded tips
  • straight, fine tips
  • straight, very fine tips
  • straight, extra fine tips
  • extra fine tips, angled 45°
  • extra fine tips, angled 90°
  • sharp, angled tips
  • fine, curved tips
  • strong, curved tips

Agar Scientific helps customers in choosing suitable tweezers for specific applications.

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