Sample Manipulation for FIB/SEM Systems – Kleindiek Workstations

Agar Scientific offers a complete range of nano tool systems that can be incorporated into most SEMs and FIBs available in the market. The Kleindiek NanoWorkstation is designed for nano-manipulation and characterization for electron microscopy. The system is compact, powerful, versatile, and enables effortless control of multiple manipulators.

The ProbeWorkstation has been specifically designed for electrical characterization of advanced materials in SEM and FIB as well as semiconductor devices.

The Lift-out Shuttle is a dedicated system designed for in situ or ex situ lift-out procedures. This simple efficient tool provides reliable results with increased sample throughput. The Prober Shuttle offers high precision in situ electrical probing with an ultra-flat three-axis manipulator, providing excellent precision and stability. Other products include the nCount Shuttle, Ro Tip Shuttle, and SuperFlat atomic force microscope.

With various shuttles and workstations, several modular components can be used to improve the systems’ functionality.

Key Features

The main features of the Kleindiek workstations and shuttles are:

  • Compact and versatile
  • Simple and efficient
  • Highly accurate
  • Reliable results with increased sample throughput
  • Electrical characterization of advanced materials
  • Easy control of multiple manipulators

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