Nanosphere Size Standards for TEM Calibration

Agar Scientific offers highly uniform polystyrene spheres with a refractive index of 1.59 @ 589nm wavelength and density of 1.05g/cm3. The spheres are available as 15ml aqueous suspensions with 1% solids in dropper topped bottles. For colloidal stability and easy dispersion, the concentrations have been optimized.

Nanospheres Product Range

The full range of Nanospheres polystyrene standards with Agar product codes are provided in the table below:

Description Code
20nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-20
30nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-30
40nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-40
50nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-50
60nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-60
70nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-70
80nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-80
90nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-90
100nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-100
125nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-125
150nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-150
200nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-200
300nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-300
400nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-400
500nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-500
600nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-600
700nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-700
800nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-800
900nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-900

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