Microscopy Tweezers and Other Tools for Sample Preparation

Agar Scientific supplies a wide range of microscopy tweezers and other tools for sample preparation. The product range includes wafer tweezers, component-handling tweezers, platinum-tipped tweezers, high-precision cutting tweezers, flexi tweezers, tweezers for stubs, tweezers for large wafers, and tweezers kit.

Wafer tweezers are a selection of tweezers designed for handling different types of wafers. Made from anti-magnetic stainless steel, they enable secure handling of delicate and fragile wafers. Platinum-tipped tweezers are Dumont type 5 tweezers with pure platinum tips measuring 38mm from tip to shoulder. The fine points make it easy to pick up grids. The tips are resistant to most corrosive liquids and can be sterilized in a flame.

High-precision cutting tweezers are available for different applications. The AGT5502 tweezer is perfect for cutting soft gold, silver, copper, and magnetic wires; and the AGT5504 has hard edges for high cutting capacity, allowing accurate cutting of hairsprings.

Flexi tweezers are manufactured from 0.12mm anti-magnetic steel and are suitable for handling plant and animal samples with excellent control. Tweezers kit includes a set of high precision tweezers supplied in a plastic foam wallet.

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