Microscope Slides and Coverslips

Agar Scientific offers a complete range of high quality microscope slides and coverslips. The glass is exposed to stringent quality processes so as to ensure flatness without defects or impurities. All the slides are pre-washed, polished, and exhibit fine ground edges. They are supplied in boxes of 50.

Super frost slides have ground edges and a frosted marking surface. They come in six colours for easy identification. Large microscope slides are made for large tissue sections to enable continuous inspection without loss of tissue. The slides are shrink-wrapped and manufactured from optical grade soda-lime glass.

Quartz slides are manufactured from fused quartz Vitreosil 077. They are useful for applications where high UV transparency and temperature and UV transparency are required. Cavity slides have polished round depressions and are useful as moist chambers for viewing hanging drops.

Other products include Polysine microscope slides, metal slides, slides with fused ring, glass rings, Haemacytometers, volume/counting cells, and the England Finder.

Agar Scientific also supplies a wide range of markers and labels.

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