SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Calibration Standards

Agar Scientific offers a range of calibration specimens for high resolution or quantitative SEM analysis.

Gold on carbon AGS168 is a resolution test specimen with particle size ranging from 5 to 150nm. Each specimen includes a square grid pattern with very fine crystals at the edges of each grid and large crystals in the middle of each grid square. High and medium resolution point separation tests can be carried out on the same specimen. Moreover, the larger crystals display facets which help in evaluating the reproduction of grey level available at high resolution.

Gold on carbon AGS1969 is a high resolution specimen with particle sizes ranging from <3 to 50nm. A magnification of at least x80,000 is needed to resolve the gold particles.

Gold on carbon AGS1987 is an ultra high resolution test specimen, which has a smaller gold island particle size than the AGS168 specimens. It is ideal for testing at instrument magnifications of x50,000 and above.

Gold on carbon AGS168Z is a low voltage resolution test specimen with particle size ranging from <30 to 300nm. The larger gold islands offer high contrast and retain small gaps for resolution measurement. This makes the specimen easier to use at non-optimal operating conditions.

Other calibration specimens include Tin on carbon AGS1967 - resolution test specimen; Tin on carbon AGS1988 - low voltage resolution test specimen; Tin on carbon AGS1937 - universal resolution specimen; and calibration specimens on ultra thin and alternative substrates.

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