Safety Equipment and PPE for Microscopy

Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range of safety equipment and PPE for microscopy. Product range include facemask, face shield, safety spectacles, goggles, and cryo aprons, amongst others.

Facemasks offer protection against a range of non-toxic particles. Agar's facemasks are non-irritating, have flared edges and an aluminium nose piece, and enable users to wear safety glasses or goggles. A protective anti-splash face shield can be used where excessive boiling or spraying of low temperature liquids is a hazard.

Agar safety spectacles have a single anti-UV and anti-scratch lens. The frame is designed for simple lens replacement, and chemical resistant coating enables easy cleaning.

Goggles with non-ventilated double glazed PVC frames conform to EN 166 3.9BT (general purpose, impact grade 1, chemical droplet, splash and dust); polycarbonate goggles have excellent wide field of vision, anti-mist and anti-scratch coating, and includes an adjustable ball-pivot strap; protective goggles have coloured glass in flip-front for observing the evaporation process.

Cryo aprons offer protection when handling liquids of low temperature. Other products include warning labels, low temperature safety labels, rigid wall ampoule snappers, and safety hot hand protector.

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