Calibration Standard Grids and Meshes for TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy)

Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range of specimens for TEM calibration where high resolution or quantitative results are needed. The company strives to maintain the highest possible preparation standards in its production and offers certified specimens wherever possible.

Agar Scientific specimens for TEM calibration are used universally for their reliability and quality, and each specimen is examined in an electron microscope. All specimens are prepared on standard 3.05mm copper grids.

Agar's specimen range includes:

  • Diffraction grating replicas
  • Fine mesh
  • Mag*I*Cal calibration standard
  • Perforated carbon film, 3.05mm grid
  • Catalase crystals, 3.05mm grid
  • Plane spacing 1.0nm, Copper phthalocyanine, 3.05mm grid
  • Plane spacing 0.9 and 0.45nm, Crocidolite crystals, 3.05mm grid
  • Plane spacing 0.56nm, Potassium chloroplatinate crystals, 3.05mm grid
  • Plane spacing 0.34nm, Graphitised carbon black, 3.05mm grid
  • Plane spacing 0.204, 0.143 and 0.102nm, Oriented gold crystal, 3.05mm grid
  • High resolution test specimen gold particles on carbon film
  • Ferritin, 3.05mm grid

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