Ruby Muscovite Mica Surfaces for Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation

Agar Scientific offers freshly cleaved ruby muscovite mica surfaces that are flat, uniform, transparent and free from scratches and imputers. Ruby muscovite is a hard material and has superior cleaving properties. It simply separates into thin films along natural cleavage planes, and does not crack easily.

Cleaved mica is normally employed in electron microscopy for cell growing, thin film coating research, and for producing carbon support films. Additionally, ruby muscovite mica surfaces are ideal as substrates for high resolution atomic force microscopy analysis of DNA and DNA-protein complexes.

The process of mica cleaving involves insertion of a sharp point within a corner or edge of the mica sheet and gently separating the mica’s natural layers. For this purpose, a thin double edged razor blade can be used.

The freshly cleaved surface must be used quickly so as to use the clean and uniform surface. The initial thickness of the mica sheets differs between 0.10 and 0.25mm, and the minimum thickness depends on the skill of the person performing the cleaving process.

The range of mica sheets supplied by Agar Scientific is detailed in the table below.

Description Code
Mica Sheets 11mm x 11mm x 0.15mm thick (Pack of 20) AGG250-3
Mica Sheets 25mm x 25mm x 0.15mm thick (Pack of 20) AGG250-2
Mica Sheets 75mm x 25mm x 0.15mm thick (Pack of 20) AGG250-1
Mica Sheets 100mm x 20mm, 0.15mm thick (Pack of 20) AGG250-4
Mica Sheets 150mm x 150mm x 0.15mm thick (Pack of 3) AGG250-5
Mica Sheets Ultraclean 9.9mm Diameter, 0.1mm thick (Pack of 10) AGG250-6
Mica Sheets Ultraclean 20mm x 20mm x 0.25mm thick (Pack of 10 AGG250-7

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