Finder Grids for TEM Sample Location

Agar Scientific offers finder grids that provide a simple solution for locating the exact position of points of interest on a TEM specimen. This speeds up the otherwise time consuming process of relocating the features at high magnification. Finder grids are packed in tubes of 100, unless otherwise specified, and have a diamter of 3.05mm.

Agar's range of finder grids includes:

  • Maxtaform finder grids – Copper
  • Maxtaform finder grids – Nickel
  • Maxtaform finder grids – Gold (made to order only)
  • Coarse Mesh Finder Grid – Copper
  • Finder grids - 100 mesh
  • Finder grids - 200 Mesh (6 grid)
  • Finder grids - 200 Mesh (9 grid)
  • Finder grids - 200 Mesh (322 squares)
  • Finder grids - 200/300 Mesh

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