Gold Conjugates for Electron Microscope Immunocytochemistry from Agar Scientific

Agar Scientific supplies gold conjugates for electron microscope immunocytochemistry. Initially introduced as a cytochemical marker for TEM, colloidal gold has become a popular label of choice for detection of cellular and subcellular macromolecules and electron microscope immunocytochemistry applications.

Gold labels enable clear identification of antigens as well as high resolution localization. Gold labelling is also flexible tool, thanks to the wide range of gold particle sizes available for labelling at different working magnifications.

Colloidal gold has high electron density, thus making it suitable for electron microscopy. Gold reagent techniques have been shown to be simple, efficient, cost-effective, and non-hazardous.

For TEM, any particle size can be utilized; the smaller the particles, the greater the labelling efficiency. For gold conjugates measuring 2nm and 5nm, gold labelling with silver enhancing will produce larger size particles with high labelling intensity.

The range of gold conjugates includes:

  • Goat anti-rabbit IgG
  • Goat anti-mouse IgG (H)
  • Goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L)
  • Goat anti-mouse IgG+IgM
  • Goat anti-rat IgG
  • Goat anti-guinea pig IgG
  • Rabbit anti-goat IgG
  • Protein A
  • Cationic colloidal Gold
  • Bovine serum albumin
  • Goat F(ab')2 anti-rabbit IgG

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