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Jenway 7305 UV/Visible Single Beam Spectrophotometer with Improved Navigation System

The 73 series include four new spectrophotometers as an addition to the extensive Jenway range. These spectrophotometers make use of icon driven software and have an improved navigation system for easy and intuitive usability. The 7305 features measurement modes for absorbance, % transmittance and concentration. The 7305 is covered for a 3-year warranty including the xenon lamp. These spectrophotometers are easy to use and ideal for use in education and general QC laboratories.

Key Features

The key features of the 7305 are:

  • Icon driven software
  • Small footprint
  • Autologging capabilities
  • Press to read xenon lamp (7305)
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Wavelength range of 198 to 1000nm

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