ColdAb® Nanocoating Production Equipment – Series 4 by Picodeon

Thin film coating in bulk scale production is possible using the ColdAb® Series 4. It has a multi-substrate load-lock system which enables continuous coating process without any production stops. There is a three-stage target table in the deposition chamber offering capability to coat different materials in one pump-down production cycle. It is possible to customize the ColdAb® Series 4 to customer needs. Application-based requirements such as laser power, scanning process or deposition lay-out can be designed and manufactured accordingly.

ColdAb® processed thin film has a high quality smoothness, stoichiometric structure and superior adhesion. ColdAb® films are used in a number of applications such as in electronics, optics, wear resistant coatings, semiconductor devices and biomed laser type/power choice for optimum production capacity. 

Key Features

The key features of the Series 4 are:

  • Roll-to-roll coating process for low cost high capacity production
  • RHEED for process characterization
  • Load-lock for faster cycle times
  • Ion beam source for IBAD process and substrate cleaning
  • Has an adjustable multi-laser option
  • Adjustable pico- or femto-second pulse
  • Programmable target and substrate sweep movement. 

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