FEI's Image Contest - May 2013 Winners

"The Natural World"
Category: "The Natural World". This false-color SEM image from Marcos Rosado shows a yellow mimosa flower (acacia dealbata) about to open. The width of the visible field is 4.35 mm. The image was taken as soon as possible after picking from the tree, to make sure it was still fresh, and avoid any damage to the structure.
"Around the House"
Category: "Around the House". This image was submitted by Francisco Rangel, and was produced as part of research conducted jointly by the Laboratório de Tabaco e Derivados (LATAB), the Divisão de Química Analítica (DQAN), and the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia (INT), in Brazil. It shows a cross-transverse view of the cellulose acetate fibers in a cigarette filter. This is a higher magnification picture - the field of view here is just 0.3mm across, which gives you an idea just how fine these fibers are.
"The Human Body"
Category: "The Human Body". This picture from Lowrens Tiedt is fairly self-explanatory - a common head louse, balancing on two human hairs. Tiedt has wittily titled this picture, "Lice Olympics (Pole Vault)".
"Other Science"
Category: "Other Science". This is a miscellaneous category, open to any images which do not easily fit into the other three categories. This covers a broad range of images from research into advanced materials, biological structures, and chemical processes. This month's winning image in this category, created by Cyril Geudj using an FEI Strata™ STEM, and simply titled "The Web", is an extremely high magnification image of a grid he uses to grow samples for TEM observation. Few other details are given about this image, but it certainly seems very far removed from the macroscopic world we are familiar with - fitting perfectly with FEI's stated brief of "exploring the sub-microscopic world" and "discovering unseen aspects of our everyday lives".