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A Video Introduction to Tribometers

The Tribometers provide highly accurate and repeatable wear and friction testing compliant to ISO and ASTM standards.

Now available as a stand alone dual load controlled or traditional desktop dead load system. Each designed, at the core, with a self-tuned high quality motor with a 20 bit internal speed and a 16 bit external position encoder, the Tribometer provides an unmatched range of rotational speeds from 0.01 to 5000 rpm.

Because of the quick feedback control, these speeds can be changed almost instantly in either a stepwise jump or at a continuous rate. This is specifically useful to obtain continuous Stribeck curves or to study static coefficient behaviors. Contrary to systems that use a torque sensor, the Nanovea Tribometers uses a high precision load cell that measures accurately and separately friction forces.

The Tribometers can be provided with a full range of environment modules to meet the requirements of specific applications. To precisely measure wear track volume and calculate wear rates in situ, a 3D non-contact optical profiler module allows calculation of the total wear volume of the entire track. Because wear tests can be of long durations, a dedicated Tribometer is an essential part of any tribology research laboratory. The robust high quality open design of the Nanovea Tribometers ensures longevity with low cost of ownership.

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