Pulmonary Nanoparticle Delivery

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NanoVic - A New Organization for the Commercialization of Australian Nanotechnologies A pulmonary delivery device, based on surface acoustic wave technology, is being developed for the delivery of drugs such as insulin, in the form of a liquid aerosol.

When the device is activated, an electric field is applied to the surface of the electrode, producing an acoustic wave. The drug is introduced to the electrode in the form of a liquid droplet and atomisation occurs, producing micro or nanoparticles, which remain as a liquid. The size of the particles can be well-controlled by the electrode design and also the properties of the electric field.

These nanoparticles can then be inhaled into the lungs, where they are directed across the pulmonary alveoli and absorbed into the bloodstream. This allows for increased efficacy of inhaled insulin compared to injected insulin, due to faster uptake and clearance.

Pulmonary delivery is particularly attractive for a number of frequent-application drugs, such as insulin for diabetics who need to inject on a daily basis.

Other advantages include the pain-free delivery of medication in a non-invasive manner, administration of large and small molecule drugs, and the ability to tightly control drug dosage. In addition, the technology can be packaged in a consumer-friendly compact personal inhaler, with the benefit of increasing patient compliance.

For further information contact Dr Bob Irving at Nanovic

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