FRT Introduces New Optical Profilometer at CONTROL 2009 Exhibition

FRT presents a new profilometer at this year's CONTROL 2009 in Stuttgart. The optical profiler has been optimized for the non-destructive measurement of surfaces. The MicroSpy Profile measures roughness, contour, 3D topography, step height, planarity, geometry, volume, bearing contact area and more with metrological precision.

The new optical profiler follows the MicroSpy Topo, an award-winning confocal microscope which was introduced by FRT in 2008. As with all metrology tools from the MicroSpy series, the new profilometer is easy to operate, budget-friendly and powerful in its performance (up to 3 nanometers vertical resolution).

MicroSpy metrology tools are compact single-sensor tools with a high-precision motorized x,y-stage and a CCD-camera for convenient sample positioning. Depending on the system, the sensor is approached by means of a manual axis with coarse and fine adjustment or a motorized z-axis.

FRT offers two sensor technologies in its MicroSpy measuring tools. The MicroSpy Topo uses confocal microscopy, a "one-shot" measuring method. The new optical profiler employs a line-scanning, non-contact chromatic point sensor with LED light-source. FRT offers different point sensors with various measuring ranges to enable a broad range of applications on surfaces from reflective to absorbing, smooth to rough or even transparent. This enables the user to produce results that are compliant with established metrology standards such as DIN, ISO, SEMI, ASTM or JIS in 2D and 3D with micrometer and nanometer accuracy.

To find out more about FRT MicroSpy metrology tools and to see the new MicroSpy Profile, visit FRT at this year's CONTROL 2009. (hall 7, booth 7232)

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