X-FAB Announces Comprehensive Analog/Mixed-Signal Complementary CMOS High-Temperature Foundry Process for ICs

X-FAB Silicon Foundries, the leading analog/mixed-signal foundry and expert in "More than Moore" technologies, today announced XA035, a comprehensive, analog/mixed-signal complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) high-temperature foundry process for integrated circuits (ICs) requiring operating temperatures up to 175 degrees Celsius. The modular 0.35 micrometer process is the first to enable high-temperature-capable system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, combining high-voltage (HV) and embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) elements. Design support includes the XA035 Lifetime Calculator, a unique new tool that calculates expected IC lifetime for a given mission profile to help determine lifetime/temperature trade-offs. The new XA035 high-temperature process surpasses the stringent AEC-Q100 qualification tests for automotive IC quality and reliability. Compared to the more costly discrete solutions, it allows the manufacturing of cost-effective IC solutions for operation in hostile environments. The XA035 process is ideally suited for high-precision analog circuits, sensor front-ends, and brushless DC motor controls for automotive, industrial, aerospace and military markets.

According to Thomas Hartung, X-FAB's vice president of sales and marketing, "We expect the XA035 process with its unprecedented range of support and accurate temperature effect modeling will open new markets for high-temperature engine management applications in the automotive space and for energy-conversion products. Customers seeking a cost-effective solution for high-temperature applications - like valve control for factory automation, brushless DC motor controls, sensor interfaces, or drilling or jet engine control - now have it with XA035."

Comprehensive Solution, Flexible Design Support

XA035 technology includes a large portfolio of primitive devices such as high-voltage transistors and pre-qualified non-volatile memories, among others, enabling analog/mixed-signal SoC design. The 0.35-micrometer single poly, triple metal N-well CMOS basic process features operating temperatures up to 175°C, with an absolute maximum of 185°C. It covers voltage ranges from 3.3 to 45V. It also comes with small-area EEPROM blocks including a charge pump, meeting automotive quality requirements. The design rules and transistor performance for all XA035 modules are compatible with X-FAB's corporate state-of-the-art 0.35-micrometer CMOS processes.

X-FAB offers XA035 design kits covering all major EDA platforms. It also features a variety of dense standard cell libraries optimized for area, speed, low power or low noise; and I/O libraries, including ESD support. All libraries take the temperature effects into account.

In addition, XA035 supports parasitic diode modeling. This new feature enables pre-layout parasitic diode leakage simulation and lets designers simulate leakages at high temperatures early in the design flow.

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