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Agilent Partners with V+P Scientific to Provide Pintool Head for Precise Nanolitre Liquid Transfers

Agilent has partnered with V+P Scientific to provide custom Pintool heads for its portfolio of Agilent Automation Solutions liquid handlers.

As the trend towards assay miniaturisation continues with increasing demands to make nanolitre transfers, Pintool heads enable you to convert either a 96 or a 384 Well Pipetting System or plate handler into a Pintool workstation that will deliver from 3 nl to 5 ul using 96, 384 or 1,536 pin tools. Pintool heads use the surface tension** of pins instead of aspirating through tips to deliver precise nanolitre amounts for multiplexing assays.

When fitted to either the Bravo™ Automated Liquid Handling Platform or Agilent Vertical Pipetting Station, the new Pintool heads allow for precise transfer of 3 to 5000 nL of liquid to be delivered to any position on the instrument deck. Powered by Agilent VWorks Automation Control software the new Pintool head workstations offer dynamic scheduling of protocol tasks, incubation steps and reagent order-of-addition enabling maximum throughput and walk-away time. Typical applications that will benefit from the Pintool head accessory include transferring small volumes of liquid to and from microplates, high density array creation, inoculation of trays / membranes and colony to colony transfers on agar and other surfaces.

The Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform is the fastest and most versatile liquid handling platform available. Its customisable, modular design provides the flexibility and scalability required to meet the needs of the most diverse laboratory environments. The Agilent Vertical Pipetting Station from Agilent Automation Solutions delivers industry-leading speed and unparalleled performance for even the most demanding sample handling and liquid-transfer applications.

For further information on Pintool heads for Agilent Automation liquid handling systems please email or contact your local Agilent sales representative.

From stand-alone units to fully integrated systems, Agilent Automation Solutions teams key sample preparation and creative walk-away automation approaches with personalised customer service to provide complete solutions for your laboratory. Combining innovative engineering with high standards of quality, Agilent designs and manufactures high-performance equipment for processes that are revolutionising pharmaceutical, biotech, and genomic research.

* The measure of surface tension in Pintool heads is determined by the qualities of the pin, liquid and dry plate. The factors that affect transfer volume include the diameter of the pin, pin shape, depth in which the pin is submerged into liquid, surface tension, and the speed of the pin movement.

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