Report Examines Market Opportunities for Nanosilicon

NanoMarkets, tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in electronics created by developments in advanced materials, today announced a new report that continues the firm's coverage of emerging electronic materials markets. The report, "Opportunities for Nanosilicon: 2009 to 2016" is scheduled to release in September of 2009.

A companion report on printed silicon will also be released in September. The reports may be obtained individually or as a set.

About the Report:

Nanocrystalline silicon materials have long been seen as having significant advantages in both the electronics and solar industries because of their relatively high electron mobility, absorption qualities and stability as well as the ease with which they can be deposited. These materials seem to be well positioned to provide some short-term performance improvements that could easily translate into new business revenues. Nanocrystalline silicon also offers a means to easily improve performance and scalability of computer memories without derailing the silicon-based status quo.

Beyond that lies a promise of other opportunities, not just for nanocrystalline silicon but also for silicon nanomaterials and nanostructures, especially quantum dots. Besides solar and memory applications, other areas in which these advanced materials have potential include thin-film transistors, lighting, and computing.

NanoMarkets was one of the first firms to recognize and analyze the potential for nanoscale/nanoengineered silicon and we published a report on this topic in 2007. This new report will analyze and quantify the "nanosilicon" market in 2009 and beyond, showing how it is doing in the current difficult economic situation and pointing to where the use of silicon nanomaterials and structures can still produce profits. This report covers the whole range of nanosilicon applications that are likely to yield significant market opportunities in the next eight years. As with all NanoMarkets reports it includes an eight-year forecast of revenues from silicon nanomaterials and nanostructures and a discussion of the product/market strategies of the leading firms active in this space.

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