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LOT-Oriel Now Offers The Nuance on a 30 Day Sale or Return Basis

LOT-Oriel are proud to announce The Nuance is currently being offered on a 30 day sale or return basis to allow assessment of the technology in relation to a specific application prior to purchasing.

On-site installation and training will be provided free of charge.

The Nuance can be returned after 30 days if you are not completely satisfied.

  • A full purchase order must be submitted in advance, though will not be invoiced until acceptance after the trial
  • For some fluorescence applications the filter cubes' emission filters will need to be exchanged for a long pass filter (some are available for loan)
  • A 1x C-mount microscope adapter will be required (some are available for loan)
  • Delivery costs will be chargeable
  • This offer is subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time

Nuance - Multi-label imaging without cross-talk

As biological imaging becomes more about studying complex systems rather than single events, Nuance multispectral imaging systems enable users to quantitate molecular markers even when they are co-localized in a single tissue section, producing clear and accurate images of each individual label on a multi-label tissue section. These systems also offer the powerful capability to unmix and remove autofluorescence in Nuance fluorescence images, thereby dramatically increasing signal-to-noise and improving the accuracy of your results. Nuance systems deliver flow-cytometry-like data while preserving the morphological context down to the sub-cellular level.

Offer applicable in UK/Ireland only

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