Opportunities in Carbon-Based Inks, Pastes, and Coatings for Electronics Applications

NanoMarkets announced that it has added a new report to its schedule titled, "Opportunities in Carbon-Based Inks, Pastes, and Coatings for Electronics Applications: 2010 to 2017." The report will be released in early February 2010 and continues NanoMarkets coverage of opportunities in advanced materials in emerging electronics and energy markets. For additional details about the report please visit the firm's website at www.nanomarkets.net.

About the Report:

For decades, carbon inks, pastes and coatings have generated substantial revenues in the electronics industry from applications as diverse as membrane switch electrodes to EMI/RFI shielding. In recent years, however, this rather traditional part of the electronic materials market has seen new business opportunities emerge as carbon nanotubes have entered the market. In the not-too-distant future, graphene formulations also have the opportunity to revolutionize the market.

Some of the first high-volume applications of carbon nanotubes and graphene will be to boost the performance of conventional products for equally mature applications. But carbon nanotubes and graphene also enable some completely new applications -- such as nanotube-based transparent conductors for the display industry and nanotube-enhanced supercapacitors for the coming "smart" electricity grid.

This report contains NanoMarkets' in-depth analysis and forecasts for carbon inks, pastes, and coatings for electronics applications. While the replacement of silicon with carbon nanotubes and graphene lies far in the future, the use of these materials in conductive coatings and as an enhancement for currently-used carbon materials is very much a near-term opportunity. This report is essential reading for marketing executives and business development managers in the coatings, function inks and nanomaterials businesses, as well as those planning the future of electronic devices.

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