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Anasys Nanoscale IR Now Available from LOT-Oriel

LOT now offer the Nanoscale IR from Anasys Instruments. This breakthrough technology combines key elements of both infrared spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy (AFM) to enable the acquisition of infrared spectra at spatial resolutions well beyond the optical diffraction limit.

In addition to revealing chemical composition, the nanoIR system provides high-resolution characterization of local topographic, mechanical, and thermal properties. The powerful new measurement tool has been designed to facilitate advanced research in polymer science, materials science, and life science, including detailed studies of structure-property correlations.

Potential nanoIR application areas include:

  • Polymer blends
  • Multilayer films/laminates
  • Organic defect analysis
  • Tissue morphology/histology
  • Subcellular spectroscopy
  • Organic photovoltaics

For more information please click here or call Shayz Ikram on 01372 378822, e-mail [email protected]

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