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mPhase Technologies Completes Smart NanoBattery Phase II STTR Award

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL) said today, that the technical work recently completed under a Phase 2 STTR award has resulted in a substantial intellectual portfolio (IP) covering its Smart Nanobattery.

In addition, the Smart NanoBattery achieved a Technical Readiness Level (TRL level) 4/5, such that the technology has progressed to the extent that it now meets the criteria for prototype testing in both laboratory and simulated deployment environments.

The development work has resulted in significant IP in areas of design, technical transfer and manufacturing of the propriety porous silicon membrane that is the core of the Smart NanoBattey. The porous membrane is one of the unique design features that give the battery the ability to have very long shelf until it is activated via a technique called electrowetting, which gives the mPhase reserve battery one of its key attributes -- programmable triggering. mPhase also broaden its IP coverage in areas involving Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based packaging and assembly, applying bonding technologies used by the semiconductor industry to assemble the silicon and glass components that comprised the fully assembled multi-celled battery. This packaging design allows the use of higher voltage, lithium based chemistries that provide for improved performance over alkaline battery chemistries found in most primary battery designs, as well as the ability to create individual addressable battery cells that can be independently activated in the multi-cell configuration.

In addition to creating the IP that covers silicon processing, the Company has expanded its portfolio by creating patents that describe fabrication of superhydrophobic and superlyophobic materials based on commercially available materials. These novel super-repelling materials can potentially be used in a variety of Smart Surface applications from oil/water separation to drug delivery devices.

The development of the Smart NanoBattery was undertaken with funding support from a Phase II STTR Army award and mPhase is currently working to secure additional funds to optimize the battery's design and increase the technical level of development towards commercial opportunities for defense and commercial applications.


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