Discera Announces Availability of New Low-Jitter MEMS Oscillators

Discera is now offering the high performance DSC21XX I2C and DSC22XX SPI application programmable MEMS oscillators.

The company provides these oscillators in single and dual-output configurations having entirely programmable output  frequencies and drive strength. These silicon-based oscillators will go into production with 300 femtosecond RMS phase jitter at 156.25 MHz and 10 ppm frequency stability.

This new line of low-jitter oscillators will reduce production time and lead time in electronics. These MEMS-based DSC21XX and DSC22XX oscillators will offer superior performance than the other fixed frequency oscillators having unique flexibility and consistency level.

The two oscillators will support different single and dual output CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, and HCSL patterns. These full field programmable oscillators will also serve as the timing reference for several diverse applications. To analyze system limits for any application, this programmability in addition facilitates real-time clock-rate and drive strength adjustment. These oscillators are perfect companions to FPGA and CPLD- based designs.

The Drive levels and programmable frequencies will employ I2C for DSC21XX and SPI for DSC22XX. The range of temperature will be -55 to 125 C and available as a 14-pin standard plastic package. These MEMS oscillators are fully-integrated and application programmable and gives the semiconductor reliability and versatility with enhanced accuracy.

Source: http://www.discera.com/

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