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TESCAN Develops Tool for Nanotechnology Integrating AFM and TOF-SIMS

A manufacturer of focused ion-beam workstations and scanning electron microscopes, TESCAN has developed a novel tool for nanotechnology, the LYRA GM FIB-SEM workstation.

The FIB-SEM workstation integrates field emission scanning electron microscope with focused ion-beam column. In addition, it integrates a range of nano-analytical, imaging, and nano-structuring tools. All these integrations enable researchers to quickly provide solutions to analytical issues and differentiate complicated samples. The LYRA GM can be designed using several focused ion-beam sources. It is the first workstation to integrate an atomic force microscope (AFM) and time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometer (TOF-SIMS). Addressing all these technologies in a single device offers several advantages to users. It enables to perform several analytical techniques simultaneously at the same place during sample milling using focused ion-beam. Combined data from different technologies allow researchers to examine nano-structures either after preparation or at the time of production. As all measurements can be done at the same point, oxidation or contamination of samples can be avoided during experimentation.

The integrated TOF-SIMS offers the capability to identify molecular and isotopic species. It also provides depth profiling, better detection limits and spatial resolution. It is possible to obtain chemical imaging with 50 nm resolution. The integrated AFM offers roughness data and allows the researcher to reconstruct three dimensional chemical images with SIMS measurements. The LYRA GM workstation will be displayed in the month of August in the forthcoming microanalysis and microscopy conference to be held in Nashville, Tennessee.


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