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atg Luther & Maelzer to Test ESD Protection System by Shocking Technologies

Electrical testing solutions supplier atg Luther & Maelzer (ATG/LM) has received certification to test the printed circuit boards (PCB) that use Voltage Switchable Dielectric (VSD), XStatic material developed by Shocking Technologies.

The VSD material consists of a patented nano composite polymer that has been designed and embedded on to the PCB to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) from affecting electronic devices. ATG/LM has chosen the XStatic product by Shocking Technologies after detailed evaluation and electrical testing.

This technology helps in providing additional free space to facilitate other functions by lowering the component count, development time and by making the design simple. According to Martin Faulhaber, MD of ATG/LM using the XStatic VSD material from Shocking Technologies will enable its customers to reduce costs and time taken for development. Shocking Technologies is a privately held company that specialises in providing innovative solutions for the protection of cell phones, LCD displays and other electronic products from ESD. It also holds more than 150 applications and patents all over the world. ATG/LM provides electrical testing solutions to PCBs which are used in all kinds of application irrespective of the product or the technology involved.


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