Comprehensive Report on Emerging Markets for Alternative Transparent Conductive Oxides

NanoMarkets has included a new market research report titled, ‘Emerging Markets for Non-ITO Transparent Conductive Oxides’ to its offering.

According to the report, the alternative transparent conductive oxides (TCO) market value will be $925 million by 2016. It elaborates on applications for alternative materials to indium tin oxide (ITO) materials in RFI/EMI shielding, antistatics, solar control film, smart windows, low-e windows, OLED lighting, organic photovoltaics, thin-film, touch-screen sensors, OLED displays, plasma displays, e-paper and LCD. It analyzes the prospects of TCOs as a substitute for amorphous silicon in the fabrication of thin-film transistors.

IZO, GZO, AZO, ATO, FTO, p-type materials and multicomponent amorphous TCOs are some of the materials discussed in the report. The report predicts that the fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) could play a major role in the market. The material is already a leading transparent conductor utilized in the CdTe-type photovoltaics. Moreover, it has been widely utilized in low-emittance architectural windows. It finds applications in dye-sensitized solar cells, displays and can even be utilized as a substitute for silver coatings.

As per the report, TCOs find application in thin-film transistor channels to improve costs and performance of AMOLEDs. Moreover, the emergence of p-type TCOs will result in the future of fully transparent LEDs, photovoltaics and electronics made of non-toxic materials. The report finds new market applications for antinomy tin oxide (ATO) nanomaterials, which are already being used as nano-ITO in antistatics and heat shielding. The nanomaterials can be used as an alternative to conducting polymers. The report discusses the development of printable ATO inks that are utilized in ATO thin film patterning and the use of ATO thick films in the building of numerous gas sensors.

US Research Nanomaterials, Thin-Film Devices, Nanophase, Cathay Advanced Materials, Advanced Nano Products, Philips Lighting and 3M are some of the companies described in the report.


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