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Nanounity Successfully Installs Topcon Aquila SEM at University of South Florida

Nanounity, a major supplier of nanoscale analysis and imaging equipment, has declared that it has secured an order for a Topcon Aquila Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) from the University of South Florida and successfully deployed the same at the university.

Topcon Aquila Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The Aquila SEM is a compact solution that is capable of integrating with energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and optical microscopy, offering an integrated solution of microanalysis, optical microscopy and SEM at a low price of ownership.

The University of South Florida chose the SEM for its electron microscopy facility in the integrative biology department. The facility offers microscopy services to the university’s research departments, as well as to institutes and companies in the greater Tampa region.

The Topcon Aquila is user-friendly and has sophisticated features. This one-stop-solution offers quick results and can be plugged in to a normal electrical outlet. It is completely controlled by a computer program. Motorized rotatable, tilt, X, Y stage, navigation from macro to micro of the whole sample and 30x optical microscope are its other special features.

With an acceleration voltage ranging between 1 and 20 kV, EDAX’s advanced EDS detector, and up to 50,000x of SEM magnification range, Topcon’s Aquila can perform real-time microanalysis. The system supports Nanounity’s other offerings, including optical and stylus profilometers, traditional scanning electron microscopes, and atomic force microscopes. Nanounity offers a complete portfolio of analytical and imaging systems for all user levels, budget ranges and applications.


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